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My baby bump is in the way!

Question : I'm pregnant, and my stomach is starting to get huge. Are there any sex positions we can try that won't hurt my stomach?

Answer : There are a number of positions that don't put pressure on your "baby bump." You should avoid positions that require that he support your weight and any where you have to bend and twist like you are in the Cirque du Soleil. Also avoid any man-on-top positions that end up with you saying, "Get off me."

One position you can use is a spooning position, where you both lie on your side and he spoons you from behind. In this position, he can reach around and play with you with his fingers.

"The Postman Delivering a Package" doggie-style position can be done with him either standing or kneeling and entering you from behind while holding onto your hips. Another one to try to is the "Slip'n Side," also known as "the Thighmaster." To accomplish this, you lie on your side and lift up your thigh while he gets on his knees and, holding onto your thigh, goes in from the side and the back, using your thigh for leverage. Or he can lie on his side, leaning his elbow on the floor as he lifts up your thigh and rests it on part of his thigh.

If you want to try the "Watching the Game" position, have him sit on the couch while you perch on his lap and he penetrates you from below/behind. People who say they have a few extra pounds like this position and call it the "Couch Potato."


He ejaculates prematurely!

Question : Is there a natural solution for premature ejaculation?

Answer :   This is the number-one sex problem men have. (No wonder women complain about not having enough orgasms.) But the good news is that there are solutions. Besides slowing down, a man should squeeze his PC muscles (the ones that control the flow of urine) when he feels like he’s about to ejaculate. This takes practice, however, as does the “stop and squeeze” technique”: When the guy feels like he’s about to ejaculate, you should squeeze the end of his penis, at the point where the head meets the shaft. Do it firmly, but not so hard that he starts swearing. Squeeze for a few seconds until the urge to ejaculate subsides. Then he can go in again.

A third technique is to have him practice masturbation: He should masturbate until he feels like he’s going to ejaculate, then stop. This will help him learn control for when he’s having sex with an actual person. It could take a month of practice for him to master this technique (but it's a good kind of practice).


I hate my body and being naked!

I'm a plus-sized female. Even though my boyfriend is comfortable with my size, getting naked is very awkward for me. How do I break out of my shell?

Women's worst fear (since practically all of us are imperfect) is that the guy we are trying to turn on gets turned off right in the middle of sex. We are especially afraid that while engaged in a position we have never done before, he will suddenly notice our flab deposits and think they look gigantic.

Once you're in bed, stop worrying about your body. It sounds like he's already your boyfriend, so he's already had sex with you and your plus pounds. Just remember that when he's in bed with you he's thinking, "I'm getting laid!" or "I am so turned on right now" or "She is so sexy and we're doin' it!" He's trying to get turned on, not off, so for your purposes that means he's focusing on what he likes about your body, not what he doesn't. He not thinking, "Wow, those thighs look chunky" right before he' ready to stick it in; he's just trying to get it in right. And once he's in, he's thinking how great it feels.

The best sex is when you're relaxed and not self- conscious. When you're in bed having sex with someone is not the time to suddenly wish you'd gone ahead with the liposuction. One good exercise to try right before you start making out with your boyfriend is to de-program yourself from any negative thoughts about your body image and replace them with positive thoughts such as "My boyfriend wants to have sex with me because I'm sexy" or "Relax, it's just sex with my boyfriend, who thinks I'm hot."

Peeing during sex?

Question: Is it possible to urinate during sex?

Answer:   Yes, you may feel the need to urinate because Mr. Schlong has a way of poking the bladder. To prevent this, go to the bathroom right before sex; that will ease your mind about feeling like you have to pee in the middle of lovemaking. The other thing you should do — because it will help strengthen muscles down there and give you deeper orgasms — is Kegel exercises. You can do these anywhere — sitting at your desk or waiting in line. To do Kegels, isolate the muscle that controls the flow of urine, contract it, count to 10, then release. Start with a hundred of these a day, and build up to about 300.

Another possibility is that you are experiencing “female ejaculation” during sex. This happens when he hits your G-spot (a small gland on the upper wall of the vagina that feels spongy). This is good, because it will give you more intense orgasms. But for some women, stimulating the G-spot causes a clear fluid — female ejaculate — to be expelled from the Skene’s gland, also known as the urethral sponge. This can happen right before or during an orgasm. It’s not urine, but since it’s a fluid from the same vicinity, it’s often mistaken for it.

Amazing Vitamin C Benefits for Skin

Amazing Vitamin C Benefits for Skin

Ever since you were a little kid, you’ve probably heard many times how getting enough vitamin C canheck them out.

1. Vitamin C Makes Your Skin Stronger

Ingesting of vitamin C is very beneficial for your whole body, your skin alike. It is a very powerful vitamin that improves your body’s defense mechanism, which results in a stronger skin too. Enough vitamin C will help your skin defend from external influences as well as from dryness. Vitamin C is a miracle worker when it comes to relieving the dry skin. It can also help reduce any existing inflammation of the skin.

2. Rejuvenation

Vitamin C is mostly known as the perfect rejuvenation substance for your skin. Beauty salons offer vitamin C masks and packs that are supposed to make your skin feel and look younger and erase small wrinkles.

Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen, the substance responsible for healthy skin. As you age your collagen production reduces and your skin loses its natural tone and elasticity. Ingesting a lot of vitamin C as well as applying products that contain it, can greatly slow down the process of aging.

3. Sun Protection

Vitamin C has influence when it comes to protecting your skin from the dangerous UV rays. This of course doesn’t mean that you can have a glass of lemonade or apply a cream with vitamin C and safely spend the whole day in the sun. Your sunscreen is still irreplaceable.

However, vitamin C and vitamin C products can increase your skin’s natural defense towards the UV rays. It can also help and speed up the healing process if you already got sunburns.

4. Reduces the Chance for Ulcers, Joint Weakness and Bruising

The benefits of vitamin C for your skin have been discovered long ago, thanks to, believe it or not, sailors. Yes, those same sailors lacked vitamin C on their ships and started noticing how their joints hurt more and how they were more prone to skin ulcers and bruising.

The main reason for this is the aforementioned production of collagen which vitamin C boosts. Collagen not only makes your skin look young and shiny, it is a very important protein that builds your cells and blood vessels. It also builds your ligaments and helps create scar tissue, which means that your skin will heal faster after an injury.

Lack of collagen can lead to a lot of skin problems, including dryness, eczemas and bruising. Furthermore, it could lead to vascular problems as well as to muscle and joint problems. Prevent them all by taking enough vitamin C every day.

5. Anti-oxidant

Vitamin C is a very powerful anti – oxidant that protects your whole body from damaging free radicals and oxidation. Ironically, the substance you can’t breathe without – oxygen – is the substance that brings most damage to you. Your cells oxidize over time, which causes them to deteriorate.

Vitamin C slows down the oxidation process, neutralizes free radicals, and can also reverse DNA damage. It means that it helps your whole body stay younger and in better shape and it gives your skin protection and shine.

Vitamin C is not only beneficial for your skin. It is a very important vitamin and appropriate amount of it should be taken every day. The recommended daily dose of vitamin C is between 80 and 100 milligrams and it should not be higher than 2 grams. Overdose can cause diarrhea and insomnia.

prevent colds and flu. But, did you know that vitamin C also has some amazing benefits for your skin? C

15 ways to relax your hair

climate, pollution and spending most of your time in air conditioned offices can damage your hair. Give your
hair a break! We list out 15 hair care tips that will help de-stress your hair and make it stronger.

1. Pollution can play havoc to the texture of your hair. When dust and chemicals from pollution settles on your hair it can damage it. Women tend to cover their hair with a scarf, but summer heat will only make it unbearable with a scarf around your head. It will increase sweating and secretion of sebum that will make your hair oily.

2. Climate is another reason that can cause the hair to weaken and result in poor hair growth. A big difference in temperature or extreme temperatures - too cold or too hot - can cause havoc to hair.

3. Dr. Nipun Jain, Senior Consultant in Dermatology at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute lists out everyday practices that are stressful for the hair. She says, "Over-brushing the hair can cause split ends and breakage."

This is something you may have realised everytime you brush your hair, over brushing adds strain on the hair causing it to break.

4. "Ponytails and braids," add pressure to your hair says the dermatologist. She adds, "Ponytails and braids if tied very tight can cause hair to break."

It is important to let your hair loose to help it breathe and prevent stressing it out. Avoid tying your hair if possible to prevent breakage.

5. "Tying you hair when wet can cause damage sooner because wet hair is more fragile." This is something we are tempted to follow after a shower. She recommends that we gently brush the hair.

6. Dr. Nipun explains the hair care problems you can face while styling your hair. "Flat iron and blow-drying," is one of the ways you can damage your hair, she adds. "Excessive heat generated from these appliances cause temporary changes to the hydrogen bonds that hold hair together. This result in making the hair look dull."

Avoid electronic styling products and use it only when really necessary, basically avoid them for daily use.

7. You hair styling products should be washed off quickly to avoid hair damage. "Gel and mousse should be washed immediately after coming back home, the same way we remove make up."

Mousse and gels contain chemicals that can damage the hair, hence wash off these styling products thoroughly.

8. "Take out the hair bands and pins from your hair as soon as possible and let the hair breathe," suggests Dr. Nipun. Keeping your hair tied up for a long duration will add pressure to the roots of the hair making it prone to break.

9. Most women tend to braid their hair before going to bed. This will only increase hair loss and hair breakage. Dr. Nipun reiterates, "When going to bed, one should leave their hair loose and open, as tied hair tends to break and become weak."

10. Avoid chemical treatments, bleach, straightening in summers. This will make the hair drier. Let your hair grow naturally for a while so that it can rejuvenate and repair hair damage.

11. Choose your shampoo thoughtfully. Strong shampoos just make the hair dry, rough and breakable. Today you can choose from a wide range of products at are natural - you have an array of natural soaps and shampoos to choose from.

12. After you shampoo your hair, rinse it with cold water to maintain the moisture. Do not forget to apply conditioner, it supplies the necessary minerals and vitamins that are wash away by shampoos.

13. Popular hair styles that can add stress to your hair:

Corn rows
Permanent straightening

14. Avoid these chemicals in your shampoo:

Isopropyl alcohol
Propylene glycol
Polyethylene glycol
Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) & Sodium laureth sulphate(SLES)
DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (momoethanolamine) TEA (triethanolamine)
FD & C Colour pigments

15. Do not tumble dry hair as this is rough on hair follicles and causes root damage and hair loss. Gently tab it dry and let it dry naturally.

Skin Beauty Tips For Quick Fairness Homemade

Skin Beauty Tips For Quick Fairness Homemade

Skin Fairness Quick Homemade Beauty Tips

Skin is the covering of all the layers of your body, and the thinnest most layers that is why it needs protection from sun rays and other environmental affects that cause different kinds of deadly diseases and allergies that can harm your skin. In order to overcome these issues and for quick fairness of your skin I am going to discuss some very main elements by which you can easily get fair and glowing skin in no time. Quick fairness of skin is demanding because the part of the skin that is visible to the sun gets tan because most of the people work at day time so it gets very important for them to make their skin fair and glow quickly. Things like cucumber, glycerin and rosewater can make your skin glow and fair quickly and without any side effects. Put some pieces of cucumber in the mixer and then add equal quantities of rosewater and glycerin to it and make a paste not to thin nor thick, then apply it to your face before sleeping and wash it in the morning, you will see that your face will start looking fair and glowing with in a day.
There are many tips and tricks by the help of which you can make your face attractive in the public eye. Here are some very useful homemade remedies and some product mixing methods that can help you in your task. Follow these simple and easy steps and see the amazing results in no time in achieving fair skin. 

1.    Apply lemon on your face because it makes your face glow and it’s a very good bleaching agent that will help you resolve your fairness issues.

2.    By applying potato juice on your skin can make your face white
gradually by using this tip.

3.    Before going to a Party you can apply this simple and quick remedy.Take a banana and peal it, take the pulps and mix it properly and apply to your face and see the
amazing affect. Keep the paste at least 10 to 15 minutes on your face.

4.    You can apply papaya juice on your face to make it fair and glowing and it also removes dead cells from your skin and repairs your skin in no time.

5.    Apply lemon juice with cucumber juice, it helps you lighten your skin and it is very useful for oily skins.


6.     Get an egg and take the white part and apply it to your face it will help you make your skin soft and smooth.

7.    Grind the orange peel after drying it. Then mix it with milk and apply the paste on your skin, it helps your skin glow and take out the dirt from the pores.


8.    Zinc and lactic acid are very good for the skin; you can get these things from curd. Apply curd on your face and get fair looking skin with in no time.

9.    Use almond oil and olive to improve your skin color and to remove the dirt from within the face pores and use this home remedy to cure dry skins.

10.    Rose water is one of the best tricks to make your skin look gorgeous and make your skin very soft.

Beauty Tips is really on of the best site giving you many homemade remedies which can change your life and can also safe your pocket. By using these home made remedies you can get fair and glowing skin no time. Products now a days are very expensive and they work really good too, but the affect is a little slow. In order to get quick and glowing fairness without any side affects you should follow these simple and easy steps, which are very affective and work in time so you can relate yourself with other people in the community without any hesitation.
In this article I have focused the area that how can you get quick fairness on your face without any difficulties. If you like this article and you have anything in your mind that you have to add or you think that there is something missing in the article you can comment in the comment box below or directly contact me through our contact us page.


Papaya recipes for your skin

With your skin constantly losing its moisture in this season, exfoliating it is a good way to keep it looking great.

Papaya is considered a wonderful wholesome fruit as it meets with some of our most essential vitamins, minerals and protein needs. Both ripe and raw papaya can be used to rejuvenate the skin. Ripe papaya is excellent for exfoliation of the skin and brings about newer looking skin and generally suits all skin types.     

Recipe for skin rejuvenation:

1/2 cup ripe papaya pulp, 1/4 cup coconut milk, 1/4 cup of oat flakes. Run the mixture on your face and neck gently for about 5 minutes. Wash off with milk and water and notice the glow for yourself.

Recipe for skin glow:

1/2 cup ripe papaya pulp, 4 tsps orange juice, 4 tsps carrot juice, 1 tsp honey or glycerin. Mix the above ingredients and apply or massage the pack all over the face and neck.

Regular applications of the above two-treatments can do wonders to the face.


5 Myths About Getting Flat Stomach

5 Myths About Getting Flat Stomach

We all want to have that sexy flat stomach, especially when the summer is near, and we are willing to work for it. The problem is that lots of people are wasting their efforts simply because they have a wrong information about getting flat stomach. Here’s 5 myths you should not believe about it:

Extra Crunches for A Flat Stomach

Extra crunches don’t lead to tight abs. The truth is that everyone has ab muscles. They just stay hidden underneath a thick layer of fat on the stomach. If you want a toned look, you need to focus on burning the layer of fat that may be covering your belly. The key is to not obsess about crunches, but focus on burning fat.
Starve Yourself to get A Flat Stomach
At times, you may think that starving yourself is the only way to lose weight and get a flat stomach. Starving yourself is not only ineffective, but also dangerous for your overall well-being. You may think that severe calorie reduction may lead to better and quick results. It is important to understand that the human body is complex. As a result, starving yourself may disrupt your body’s metabolism. This will only slow down results. It is important not to starve yourself, but eat wholesome meals after short intervals of time. Eating less may be the key to weight loss, but starving yourself is not.

Diet Pills and Supplements
Well, diet pills and supplements can be quite tempting. There are many pills and supplements which claim to give you a flat stomach. However, you should not fall for it as there is no ‘magic pill’ available in the market. In fact, diet pills and supplements are more likely to hurt your pocket than showing any results on your belly. Instead of popping a pill, it will be better to burn calories with intense exercise.
Packaged Diet Products for Better Results
There are many packaged foods which are considered to be a solution for weight loss. Usually, such packaged products are packed with refined sugar. There are also some artificial ingredients which your body does not really need. Some ingredients in packaged foods don’t lead to weight loss. In fact, they may have a high-calorie content. You should try to avoid packaged foods and stick to a nutritious diet. Whole grains can be a good choice.
Avoid Carbohydrates for Tight Abs
Many notions and misconceptions make you think that carbohydrates are bad for your health. However, if you are one of the people who believe this, it is quite unfortunate. You can eat carbohydrates while slimming down. As mentioned earlier, it is important to avoid packaged foods and stick with oatmeal, whole grains and brown rice. In other words, you should stick with wholesome carbs rather than giving up all carbohydrates.


The Best Vitamins for Men's Health

 The Best Vitamins for Men's Health


When you consider the nutritional content of foods you eat and supplements you take, many will be the same if you are a man or a woman. Because of men's more frequent and strenuous exercise and the risk of infection, dysfunction and cancer in the prostate and male reproductive organs, men over 40 may want to consider taking supplements (vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients) that deal specifically with their needs.


        There are certain vitamins that men need. Vitamin C is often used to treat infections of the prostate. Vitamin D and E may be important in fighting prostate cancer, which can be found in 25 percent or more of men age 50 and older. A 2009 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, however, concluded that vitamin E did not decrease risk of prostate cancer. Because much of your vitamin D supply is manufactured with the help of sun on the skin, darker-skinned men may have a greater need for taking supplemental vitamin D. Vitamin B6 is especially important for metabolizing proteins, so it is particularly important to more active men. Vitamins A (including beta carotene), C, and E are all antioxidants that reduce free radicals that can cause cancer.


        The prostate gland uses more zinc than any other organ of the body, so any zinc deficiency is more likely to be noticeable there first. For a long time, pumpkin seeds were recommended for men with enlarged prostates, and it was proven effective because they are good sources of zinc. Compared to women who are at greater risk of calcium and iron deficiency, men need much less of these minerals. Overdoses of iron can happen easily and lead to heart disease, because the body does not excrete it. So men and postmenopausal women should not supplement iron in their diets. Too much calcium can actually increase risk of developing prostate cancer.

    Other Supplements

        Lycopene is another antioxidant that can reduce cancer risk. Fructose (sugar found in fruits and some sweeteners) helps the body produce a specific type of vitamin D. Supplements with soy contain genistein (a cancer inhibitor) and L-arginine (an amino acid that helps with erectile dysfunction by supporting nitric oxide production). Garlic is included in many supplements, and among the reasons is its sulfur content, which can also help inhibit cancer. Selenium is good to have, but its use in preventing prostate cancer has not yet been proven. Saw palmetto, an extract from a fruit, has been shown to be as effective at shrinking enlarged prostates as synthetic drugs but with fewer side effects. For active men, trainers and doctors may recommend supplements of the amino acid L-glutamine, which can be depleted in the body by up to 40 percent during strenuous exercise.

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